Why Memory Foam?


A memory foam pillow gives multiple benefits to its consumers. In the recent years, memory foam pillows have transformed into a popularly used product, and affordable alternative to conventional feather and polyester filled pillows. This is one of the best pillow options that has brought comfort for many sleepers.
With an increase in the awareness of memory foam and the benefits it provides, consumers have started taking their choices seriously. Here are some reasons why memory foam pillows are the top selling products in the market.

Pressure point: The memory foam pillow was introduced decades ago to cushion, comfort, and protect patients in hospitals. This type of pillow offers pressure relieving advantage to many parts of the upper body, shoulders and head and neck regions.

Supports back alignment: The memory foam pillow helps in supporting the spinal cord by distributing the body weight evenly across the pillow. Typically, due to the lack of proper support that ordinary pillows provide, lower back pain and muscle tension occur. A memory foam pillow looks after such necessities and provides overall comfort to its users.

Allergy prevention: If you are allergic to varied materials, the memory foam pillows take care of this issue as well. It is a valuable product for people who have allergies. As much as these pillows repel dust and mites, they also prevent allergens like pet dander from breeding in them. They are suitable for people allergic to wool, fibers, or feathers. They also provide relief from harsh chemicals and irritable odour.

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