Memory foam vs Polyester/fiber filled pillows – Which one do I Choose?


Choosing the right pillow for you can be a challenge. There are different pillows that provide distinct functions whether they are Memory foam, Contour or conventional pillows, Some neck pillows are built for support, some allow for traction while sleeping, others are designed for comfort in a certain sleeping position. Then you get into the varied materials that are available for neck pillows these days: memory foam, buckwheat, polyester fiber fill, water? What??? Just like when you go to the store and try to get the right cold medicine. Cough, fever, chest congestion, headaches, itchy eyes. Do I want one of each? NO, I want one that fights all those things. Well the same thing applies to the neck pillow that you choose for sleeping. We sleep approximately 1/3rd of our life, so this choice is important.

All memory foam pillows do not have the consistency. Flat pillow, Lumpy pillow, Contour pillow, too hard, too soft.

The Revolutionary Cocoon Pillow is made from Visco Elastic foam, which softens when heat is applied. The heat of your body is enough to make this happen. You can usually press your hand or any other body part into it, pull it out and see an imprint for a while afterwards. The pillow molds to the shape of your neck and head to support it better than a standard pillow. Our pillows are very comfortable, your head sinks in at first but then feels like it’s floating.
Conventional Polyester/buckwheat pillows are comfortable but do not have the same properties that contoured memory foam provide. Plus, they’re square! Is your head, neck, shoulders and upper body square? No of course they are not, so why do you have a square pillow?

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