Most people sleep 7-10 hours per night. But then there are those have such a tough time sleeping because they can’t find a good position and once they do, their pillow either loses its shape or you turn and fall off of it. Then you wake up with a sore neck. Ouch!!
The Revolutionary Cocoon pillow is contoured to support not only the neck and head but also supports the shoulders and upper arms. With perfect alignment with your neck, cervical area and spine, you will have the perfect night’s sleep without tossing and turning. Our pillows will never lose their shape while you sleep. You won’t toss and turn searching for the perfect position to support your head and neck. Once in your position, the “Cocoon Effect” will take over and you will be supported all night long.Your night will be filled with peaceful sleep that will make you feel amazing in the morning.

We Care About You

Our Pillows are Hypo-Allergenic and crafted in environment-and-employee-friendly facilities right here in Corona, CA. We proudly make them here in the USA. Our Pillowcases due the complexity of the sewing patterns had to be made in China. This process allows us to pass the savings on to you our customers.

Amazingly Comfortable

The Revolutionary Cocoon Pillow and pillowcases are made of the highest quality we could find in both memory foam and soft feel velour, satin and cotton pillowcases.

Purpose of Design

This is about more than simple pillows. We have designed the Revolutionary Cocoon Pillow to help people sleep better at night. We believe that when you fall into your bed and lay your head on your pillow that you should be comfortable, secure and not wake up until that alarm goes off.


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Each purchase made of The Revolutionary Cocoon pillow from our website helps to fund our non-profit organization.


” Thank you for helping us to create jobs. “


I had been in an accident in which I hurt my right arm, my face, and some of my nerves located in my neck. As result, I started having sleeping problems because I could never get in a restful position. The treatment for my injuries went from hot to cold pads, physical therapy exercises, devices which were supposed to target pressure points to the strain muscles, and finally a shot in my spine which I completed denied to accept. I took the decision of dealing with my pain without going into surgery or any intrusive procedures.

The Revolutionary Cocoon Pillow has eliminated the pain in my neck and shoulders the first night I slept on it. Due to The Revolutionary Cocoon Pillow, I have not needed any medication or therapy and its been over two years now!

This is the reason that I created The Revolutionary Cocoon Pillow. I realized that if this pillow helped me than it could help others. Over two years worth of research and development has gone into this pillow. The feedback from more than 100 people that we gave the pillows was amazing. Many have stated they would buy two or three for the rest of their family, as soon as it was available. Well, it’s here! This is my pillow and I hope you enjoy.


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